Equine Assisted Therapy:

The Wind Horse Center offers individual, couples, family and groups sessions. We offer help for:

Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders and Recovery from alcohol and other substances

PTSD and trauma related symptoms

Life changes: such as divorce, grief/loss and illness

Behavioral issues

Personal Development and Learning Programs:

These sessions are offered individually or in groups and are aimed at improving specific skills such as:

Assertiveness/Setting Boundaries

Clear and effective communication

Crisis management skills

Improving self-esteem and competency

Improving social skills and reading other’s social cues

Team Building and Leadership Training:

Team building and leadership training can be tailored to a specific group, corporation or agency’s need.  These programs are based upon herd dynamics.  Much like herds, teams thrive on effective communication, defined roles and clear expectations. Programs can vary in length from 2 to 7 hours depending on client need.  These trainings are for:

Non-Profits and Corporations

Team Leads or Supervisors

Board of Directors or other governing bodies

Government or Human Services agencies

Community Groups