A different kind of therapy

Welcome to the Wind Horse Center. We are a non-profit organization offering a different therapeutic approach to healing trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and other mental or behavioral difficulties. Our horses and mental health therapists work together to offer you experiential therapy which goes beyond simply talking in an office. Equine Assisted sessions often lead to more clarity and behavioral change than traditional therapy. We are open from March to November. Our sessions can also be used in conjunction with your therapist if you are feeling stuck on an issue and need some extra help.

Windhorsecenternc1 month ago
It is with great sadness we announce the Wind Horse Center is closing on June 24th, 2024. For those who have worked with us or donated, it has been a wonderful experience and we appreciate your support. Unfortunately, there are no other prospects using equine assisted therapy for adults in this area. However if you go to either the EAGALA or Naturalifemanship website, there are listings where you might find other providers. Thanks to Wake Forest for your support! Love and light to everyone.