WHC Clinical Policies and Procedures
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Does The Wind Horse Center serve children?

At this time, we are only serving adults from age 18 and up, unless we are doing family therapy.

What should I bring to my sessions?

We suggest wearing layered clothing so you can adjust for warm or cold weather.  All shoes must be closed toed. No sandals or flip flops.  Sneakers or boots are fine. Please keep in mind you are at a barn and dirt isn’t possible; it’s a certainty. Please bring a mask. Feel free to also bring water, bug spray, sunscreen or snacks for yourself or the horses. Horses prefer Apples, Starlight Mints—the red and white ones, and carrots.

What staff are present during a session?

A licensed mental health provider is always present during sessions.  We also use an equine specialist dependent on the complication of the case or if we are serving more than one client at a time.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are an hour to an hour and a half long.

Do you take insurance?

The session can be billed through your insurance if you therapist takes insurance.  Currently we can take BCBS, United Health Care/Optum and Medicare. Sessions without insurance are $120.00 per session.  Family sessions are $150.00.

Do you have a therapy scholarship program?

We are currently working on applying for grants and doing fundraising to establish one of these programs.  We hope to provide this option for people in need in 2021.

Do I need a referral from a doctor or therapist?

Not necessarily.  We provide services for self-referred clients and those who are referred by a therapist or doctor.

Is there an inclement weather policy?

Sessions aren’t conducted in heavy rain, lightning or other dangerous conditions.  We also refrain from doing sessions in extreme weather conditions, such as being too hot or too cold.  You will be notified at your contact number if a session is cancelled.  We try to give as much notice as possible.

Do you operate year-round?

No, we provide services from March to November dependent on the weather.

What if I have to cancel session?

You can call, text or email your therapist to let them know you won’t be attending your session. We understand emergencies come up and try to work with you. We require as much notice as possible so we can fill that spot. Cancellation fees will apply after the first missed or late cancelled session. These fees fall in line with other treatment options.  If we were to charge to cover out cost it would be approximately $400.00 per session.

Are you handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, we aren’t considered handicap accessible, even though all of our surfaces are flat and walkable.