What happens in an Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) Session?

Starting with session two, all sessions take place in our arena. You will be asked about your personal and treatment (if applicable) history and any symptoms you are having now.  If you have been referred by therapist, we will ask you to sign a release of information so we may communicate your progress.  In addition, you will be given several brief self-report tests to collect data to note your progress.  Our session normally run from an hour to an hour and half long and are done in a 4, 8- and 12-week series. Starting with session two, all sessions take place in our arena.  Clients can select a horse to work with.  We start with getting to know the horse, acquaint you with some safety rules and work on interacting with the horse.  Depending on your treatment goals, we will develop a plan and how many sessions you might need. All of our work, currently, is on the ground with the client and horse being equals.  We do plan to graduate to mounted work some time in 2021.  Ground work allows the relationship between the horse and client to build trust and establish correct boundaries. This allows the client to experience the effects of a positive and healthy relationship. Many people who come to us have experienced chaotic and dysfunctional families of origin or relationships. Ground work allows the client to learn they have to control their internal chaos, crisis, stress before they can control any external stressors such as the horse.